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Toll committed to climate action

Toll committed to climate action

Opinion piece from Toll on the work they’re doing to reduce their emissions and be smarter when it comes to driving, energy, fuel efficiency, planning & facilities. *Article on p33

Toll committed to climate action

Cars are no longer just cars – Meridian Energy

In a shift likened to the iphone revolution, cars with names like NIO or Byton may be the future.
Back in the late 80s there was the cellphone: a big brick of a thing, out of the reach of many.
Within no time, there was a monumental shift. Who can do without one now?

Today’s equivalent to those early Motorolas is the electric vehicle (EV) industry, says Nick Robilliard, procurement manager for Meridian Energy.

Toll committed to climate action

What is the carbon footprint of international tourism?

Campervan company Tourism Holdings, which owns the Britz and Maui brands, trialled electric campervans for the first time this summer. It has five two-berth, self-contained motorhomes in Auckland and Queenstown, with 10-day itineraries built around having chargers every 50-100km. The Auckland itinerary takes in the Coromandel and Raglan, while the Queenstown trip heads to Dunedin.

Toll committed to climate action

Toll launches electric trucks in Japan

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Toll launches electric trucks in Japan Nigel Moffiet April 3, 2019 News No Comments

Toll is introducing the first two electric vehicles to be used in its Japan operations.

The light-duty all-electric Fuso eCanters trucks from Daimler will operate pickup and delivery services in Tokyo.

Toll committed to climate action

How startups are leading the business community’s response to climate change

When 60 CEOs signed up to the Climate Leaders Coalition in July 2018, much was made of the presence of the big players like Air New Zealand, Spark, Fonterra and Vector. The Spinoff caught up with the nimble smaller companies leading from the back.

Since the launch of the Climate Leaders Coalition last year, 82 CEOs have signed the joint statement committing their organisations to take voluntary action on climate change. Since then much focus has been on the big players, and just how committed they are to a carbon zero future that demands difficult questions of their status quo.

Toll committed to climate action

Watercare releases its climate change strategy

The global impacts of the changing climate will bring significant direct and indirect changes and challenges. For Watercare these include extreme weather events, prolonged dry periods, rising seas and increased coastal flooding.

Our climate change strategy sets out our future direction as we embark on a journey to operate a low carbon organisation that is resilient to climate impacts

Toll committed to climate action

Rob Campbell – Why Measurement Matters

For Rob Campbell, Chair of SKYCITY Entertainment Group and Summerset Group, there are at least two reasons why Boards and Directors should endorse and support carbon measurement in their affiliated companies.

Toll committed to climate action

How to cut your contribution to climate change by offsetting your emissions

Living a carbon-free lifestyle can feel impossible, considering emissions are produced by everything from travelling to eating to heating buildings.

Each person’s carbon footprint – the amount of greenhouse gases your activities release – is different. A vegan’s emissions are likely to be lower than a meat eater’s on dining habits alone, but a meat eater who cycles to work will produce less carbon dioxide than a vegan who drives.