Executive Resources

The following resources have been collated to support CLC signatory leaders to remain up to date with key climate trends and support the acceleration of climate action within their organisations.

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The science of climate change

It’s important to understand the science behind climate change as it drives business action to mitigate and adapt. These resources provide an overview of the key science and global targets that underpin action.

Scope 1, 2 & 3

What are the different types of emissions?

Climate change and business strategy

Guidance for establishing an organisational sustainability strategy.

Targets and reporting

Drivers to set emission reduction targets aligned with science and support to navigate the evolving reporting landscape.

Climate Action Plans

Journey of translating targets into achievable climate action plans (Emission Reduction Plans).

Climate change risk and opportunities

What are climate change risks and opportunities and how can organisations approach them?

How can organisations adapt to climate change?

Resources to understand what our future may look like and what businesses can do to adapt to climate change.

Organisations and nature

Nature plays a critical role in climate action. Understand the new metrics and targets to understand an organisation’s impact on nature and the impact of nature on organisations.

What is a ‘just transition’ and what is the role of organisations?

How we get to net zero 2050 is important. Organisations are increasingly focused on ensuring that the path to 2050 is fair, equitable and inclusive for employees, suppliers, and communities. Resources to understand ‘just transition’ and what it means for business.

How to focus your organisation?

A key driver of climate action within business comes from the executives engaging key stakeholders. These resources explore how leaders might transform their businesses.

Role of advocacy

Advocacy plays a key role in climate action. Research shows that there is a feedback loop (Ambition Loop) between business and government. CLC plays a key role in Aotearoa’s ambition loop.