Climate Leaders Coalition Mentoring Programme

The CLC mentoring programme is designed to match CLC signatories to help you advance your skills and experience and your business’ sustainability actions.  

Peer-to-peer mentoring is structured differently from traditional mentoring, as both participants act as mentors and mentees. It is designed as a partnership in which both participants bring learning objectives and share insights and experiences to guide their peer’s achievement of these objectives. 

The CLC peer-to-peer mentoring programme focuses on how to progress sustainability action and deploy ‘soft’ skills – influencing, managing, leading – rather than building your technical expertise (or ‘hard’ skills) in a specific area of sustainability. 

Peer-to-peer mentoring relationship guidelines

  • All conversations are confidential
  • Preparation is key – ahead of each meeting, each co-mentor should think about what they would like to take away from the discussion
  • Work to bring personal investment and energy into the relationship
  • The relationship should be reviewed regularly – we suggest after 6 meetings

To express your interest in participating in the mentoring programme, please email [email protected].

Please note, this programme is open to CLC signatories only.