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Fuelled by biodiesel

Fuelled by biodiesel

The Co-op has been working closely with Z Energy since 2014 to help introduce biodiesel to New Zealand as part of its commitment to reduce emissions across its operations.

Fast forward to 2019, Fonterra now has its 156 tankers in the Waikato and Bay of Plenty area producing 4% less emissions per year.

Fuelled by biodiesel

Meridian plugs in to global EV community

Meridian Energy’s commitment to EVs has gone global with the company joining the international EV100 initiative by pledging to operate a 100% electric fleet by 2030. Meridian joins overseas companies like Baidu, DHL and HP as well as local companies including Air New Zealand and Christchurch Airport.

Fuelled by biodiesel

Vector achieves strong result in CDP disclosure report

Emissions reductions initiatives, governance and value chain engagement were among the company’s highest scoring categories.

Vector, the country’s largest electricity distributor, was yesterday given the ‘best first-time performance’ award, and an above average overall score for the sector and region, at an event marking the release of the CDP 2018 Regional Disclosure Report Launch.

Fuelled by biodiesel

The Warehouse Group becomes 1st major NZ company and 3rd retailer in the world to be carbon neutral

We’re the largest company in New Zealand – and only the third major retailer globally – to be carbon neutral. We’re doing this because we care about the health of our people, Aotearoa New Zealand, and the planet.

We are committed to this journey. Our target is to reduce emissions by 32 percent by 2030 (from our 2015 base level). This is in keeping with the target of staying within 2⁰C of warming, based on pre-industrial levels, set by the 2015 Paris Agreement.

Fuelled by biodiesel

SKYCITY unveils green fund, will be carbon neutral in NZ this year

SKYCITY Entertainment Group has revealed its climate change strategy that will see the company’s New Zealand sites carbon neutral by the end of this year, with Adelaide following next year. SKYCITY will be among the first major New Zealand companies to go carbon neutral with its plan to set up a green fund, paid for via an internal carbon levy on all its emissions.

Fuelled by biodiesel

Ecostore top of mind in sustainable brands for 5th year

For the fifth year in a row, ecostore has come out on top of the unprompted list of sustainable brands in New Zealand. The Colmar Brunton Better Futures report, released yesterday evening, asked New Zealanders which brands were leaders in sustainability and ecostore was again mentioned unprompted by those surveyed as being leaders in sustainability. Furthermore, when prompted, eighty-three percent of those surveyed named ecostore as a leading sustainable brand in New Zealand.

Use of renewable resources, care for the environment through business practice, and a focus on quality natural ingredients were among the reasons people thought of brands as sustainability leaders.

Fuelled by biodiesel

Toyota has a long-term view on product responsibility

Toyota has a global vision of future ‘eco-cars’ which have no negative environmental effects and help the transition to a low carbon society.

Transport is New Zealand’s second largest source of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and we rank fifth highest among OECD member countries per capita. New Zealand’s vehicle fleet is among the oldest in the developed world, and one of the least fuel efficient.

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OPINION – How to start a climate change movement

There’s an old TED Talk from 2010 about how to start a movement, illustrated by a video of a “lone nut” dancing at a music festival. It stuck with me, not just because of the lone nut’s unique sense of rhythm, but because it’s much the same way I view the movement of business leaders taking voluntary action on climate change.