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Ngāi Tahu hosts inaugural climate change symposium

Ngāi Tahu hosts inaugural climate change symposium

We’re seeing more and more corporations, companies and councils developing environmental strategies to combat climate change, now iwi are jumping aboard. At Ngāi Tahu’s inaugural climate change symposium issues like coastal erosion, marae resilience, mahinga kai and wai were topics of discussion. Hania Douglas reports.

Ngāi Tahu hosts inaugural climate change symposium

Ports of Auckland fights climate change with world’s first e-tug

Ports of Auckland has signed a contract with Dutch company Damen Shipyards to take delivery of the world’s first full-size, fully electric port tug in 2021 as part of its zero emissions policy.

The new tug, a Damen RSD-E Tug 2513 will have a 70 tonne pulling power, the same as the port’s strongest diesel tug, Hauraki, also built by Damen. It will cost about $18 million.

Ngāi Tahu hosts inaugural climate change symposium

Five for five: Experts weigh in on why Kiwi businesses need to tackle waste management now

Businesses in our ‘clean green Aotearoa’ are becoming more responsible for the waste they emit as much as consumers are. From the new movement of the conscious individual came a need for our businesses to cater to that. Yet reducing waste and becoming more environmentally conscious is not an easy task for already solid businesses. Here, five industry experts give their insights and advice on how businesses can pivot towards a more sustainable outlook.

Ngāi Tahu hosts inaugural climate change symposium

Waste Management to electrify entire vehicle fleet

Waste Management, which operates its rubbish collection and recycling services in 19 centres in New Zealand, plans to convert all its 850 trucks to electric.

Sam Donaldson, Waste Management’s senior project engineer, told the National Road Carriers’ Future of Freight forum in Auckland the company now has eight EV trucks on the road, with two more in the process of being converted. It is planning to have 15 trucks and 100 light vehicles converted to electric by the end of the year.

Ngāi Tahu hosts inaugural climate change symposium

LIC – keeping ahead of the herd

LIC is helping reduce dairy’s impact on the environment while increasing production, writes Bill Bennett.

For 23 years New Zealand added around 100,000 dairy cows a year to the national herd. The growth stopped about four years ago. In fact, there has been a small reduction in the number of cows since then.

Yet, production continues to rise because, thanks to the work of the Livestock Improvement Corporation (LIC), the cows are getting better. Corporation chief executive Wayne McNee says: “They need to be more profitable and they need to be more efficient. This has always been our job. Now we also need our cows to have a reduced environmental impact.”

Ngāi Tahu hosts inaugural climate change symposium

Transpower – taking the climate heat out of process heat

The emergence of clean, efficient and economically viable electric technology for industrial process heat will help the country meet its climate change commitments, says Transpower.

The national grid owner and operator today released its report Taking the climate heat out of process heat, highlighting the opportunities and challenges of replacing fossil fuels with renewable electricity for process heat.